Well yesterday I was with Sir Lee, Ronnie, Zurail, Cassie, her friend, Amilno, Cassie, Patrick, Carly and Kelsi. Well it was just Cassie (guy), Patrick and I sitting at Mcd’s for a little bit. Than Carly and Kelsi showed up they said they wanted to hangout with me. okay cool you know, nope they left and went out to eat. Okay cool thanks for being my friends guys LOL. Than Cassie (the girl) her friends, Amilno, Sir Lee, Zural, Ronnie and I all strated hanging out and having such a good time and everything. Messing around and well just having fun. Than Sir Lee, Ronnie and Zurail left to go to Fry’s so I hungout with Cassie(girl) her friend and Amilno. We all hungout than Carly and Kelsi showed up and they HATE THEM with a burning passion. Well I didnt know that. ahahha(: Well all my friends I hangout with hate them also..blahh now I’m seeing why everyone does hate them. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!(:


I have no idea what to do

Okay. Im stuck between 4 guy right now:/

I like all of them and they like me back. It kinda sucks.

They all mean so much to me.

1) lives hour and 30 minutes away but he’s so sweet. I love his personality and everything about him. He makes me happy and makes me smile all the time.

2) He lives by me. Right down the road. We hung out once just because I was driving with my friend and we called him to come outside, but when we hungout he made me happy and knows how to have fun

3) He drives and knows how to have fun. Even though he does do stupid stuff. But he still is sweet and makes me feel like I’m needed

4) Hangs with the same people. We have good times when we hangout with each other and our group. He got me into things and I never though I would do in my life. But I love his personality also.


who do I go with???????:/

Lets go party(: (:

So I pretty much want to go party right now. I’m so freakn bored in this class. I want to go get sky like no other right now and go driving with my friends.

But I have no idea who would have a party today? aha most likely no one that I know. LOL<3 than again I know a shit load of people. 🙂

So who ever wants to kick it after I baby sit should hit this chick up<333333

blah this is just random. This is how bored I am ))):

Fake Hoes:)

Okay! so if you know me you know I don’t get along with girls that well at all. Do you know why I don’t? Well I’m pretty sure you do. All they do is cause drama, fake, sluts, whores, hoes, bitches, and white trash. Okay well I can go on forever.

The point of me making this is well.. hmm lets see here….

Okay. So theres this girl that thinks she’s hot shit when she isn’t. I swear if she sat on me should kill me or try to eat me. LOL. We were fighting over facebook saying things to each other. Not nice things trust me on that.

Well my friend Kat got on my facebook and read them and emailed her. I told her to meet me at the park not to fight or anything just to talk. Because I wasn’t going to bring this into school. But this chick thinks I want to fight her. Well I know I would win.. well unless she sat me than I would lose.

So now she is giving me dirty looks at school. ahah pretty immature I must say. I’m like I am not looking at you so stop looking at me bitch. But since Im not bring this into school I just let her do what she effing pleases to do.

Well I got to go. Blahhh


Well last night I hung out with Kat, Josh, Nick and Chris. But before we all hung out Kat and I went driving. Yes I was driving.

Than we hit up Safeway because thats where Nick and Chris were at. So we hung out with up there for about an hour. Than I drove to my house but first we went to Josh’s since he lives right by me well almost. I called him and told him to come outside so he did and than we all went to my house.

My mom let us go to my room. I was surprised she never lets me have guys in my room. But the door had to be open but I understood. So we got on webcam with people. That was entertaining  to watch. Well we think it was.

Well I go to go time to take notes in Bio.

My life not YOURS ;)

I really wish people would stop thinking they no my life when no one knows it at all. Its pissing me off not going to lie. You say you “know” me but you don’t. So lets just get over ourselves and leave me alone. Im done with you saying you know the real me when NO one knows the real me. Im only myself around my TRUE friends. Im not even myself around my parents.:)

Sitting in 6th

Im pretty much bored right now. We’re not doing nothing in 6th that is fun. Like always. But end of school is going to be lagit.:) Hanging out wtih people:D Can’t wait.  Blahh school needs to be over with already!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well got to go do school workkk…