Well yesterday I was with Sir Lee, Ronnie, Zurail, Cassie, her friend, Amilno, Cassie, Patrick, Carly and Kelsi. Well it was just Cassie (guy), Patrick and I sitting at Mcd’s for a little bit. Than Carly and Kelsi showed up they said they wanted to hangout with me. okay cool you know, nope they left and went out to eat. Okay cool thanks for being my friends guys LOL. Than Cassie (the girl) her friends, Amilno, Sir Lee, Zural, Ronnie and I all strated hanging out and having such a good time and everything. Messing around and well just having fun. Than Sir Lee, Ronnie and Zurail left to go to Fry’s so I hungout with Cassie(girl) her friend and Amilno. We all hungout than Carly and Kelsi showed up and they HATE THEM with a burning passion. Well I didnt know that. ahahha(: Well all my friends I hangout with hate them also..blahh now I’m seeing why everyone does hate them. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!(:


About Kia(:

I get what I want when I want it. You can say Im spoiled.

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