3 months

So for all the people that think Ih can NOT be single longer than a day. Well Ih have been single for 3months already. So suck on that. But anyways. Ih am tired of being single now. Ih like someone at our school yes.. does he know yes.. Ih just hope its not weird at all.¬† We have AB together and 3rd hour but still. This might be just a little werid between us now. But who knows. Ih’ll find out today during AB.


I have no idea what to do!

So I know I’m only 16 years old and the guy I have a major crush on is 19 turing 20 this year. I’ll be turing 17 this year. My parents really don’t care only if they treat me right. I have told him but no reply yet. :/ I’m nervous about it because when I see him hes at work or hes just about to leave from work. I hope I get to see him over the 2 week break but I highly doubt it. Ima ask him and see if he wants to chill this weekend. Thats if I can you know. I have liked this guy since I first met him which was in the year of 2010. I hope he texts me back soon. This might say werid I miss him :/


So guys Spring Break was AMAZINGG(: I got my facebook back and I got to hangout with friends:) The only thing I dont have is my cell phone:/ but I have been using my brothers cell phone lately. I hope my mom doesnt ask for it. I also hung out with people I havent seen in FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR:) O yea my mom, dad, brother and I got along no fighting at all:) I was so happy. Im so tired right now though. I should NOT have stayed up late last night:) o well it was so worth it:)


Well my parents are being so cool this break. I have been out everyday so far and enjoying it ;). ahah no not sexualy or anything¬† just kickin it back. Going to parties so far every night. I am so gald they are letting me out and letting me do what I want to do. I just can’t mess it up at all. One mistake I am stuck in the house longer. No thanks bro. LOL I hope every ones break is amazing. So far mine is:D well there is this one thing that could make it better but I guess I will see what happens;)


So today is FRIDAY:) which means spring break baby:) I hope my mom lets me have everything back. I have been good for 2 weeks since today:) I really want to hangout with Joe, Travis and Brayson and all of them this break. But who knows with my mom right now. LOL :)) I hope this break is the best break ever:)

No Phone No facebook No freedom

Well as everyone knows I do not have a phone nor do I have my facebook and I don’t have freedom. Well if you guys do not know the reason why here is goes.. Well my parents and I go into it big time and my dad pushed me into the was wall and this girl was over and saw she ran out of my house crying and she called her mom. When she did that I was sitting outside crying my eyes out like no other. The next day her and her mom called the cops on my parents. Well the cops didn’t do anything about it because it wasn’t abuse. Well becuase of that I can not be friends with her nor can I talk to her anymore. So I am grounded but Im going to ask over the 2 week break coming up if I can have my phone, facebook and freedom back. Guys I hope she says yes to me:) (: