No Phone No facebook No freedom

Well as everyone knows I do not have a phone nor do I have my facebook and I don’t have freedom. Well if you guys do not know the reason why here is goes.. Well my parents and I go into it big time and my dad pushed me into the was wall and this girl was over and saw she ran out of my house crying and she called her mom. When she did that I was sitting outside crying my eyes out like no other. The next day her and her mom called the cops on my parents. Well the cops didn’t do anything about it because it wasn’t abuse. Well becuase of that I can not be friends with her nor can I talk to her anymore. So I am grounded but Im going to ask over the 2 week break coming up if I can have my phone, facebook and freedom back. Guys I hope she says yes to me:) (:


About Kia(:

I get what I want when I want it. You can say Im spoiled.

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