i wish

i wish i cud change who my mother is. i dont want you being my mom at all. all you have done is lie to me over and over and over agian no matter what it was about. fuck you and your fucking gay asss abusive drugy of a boyfriend. fuck him and his fucking family. i dont care about you anymore IM DONE!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope your happy you got me to think this about you. I WISH YOU I HAD A DIFFERENT MOM THAT GAVE BIRTH TO ME INSTEAD OF YOUUU BITCH!!


About Kia(:

I get what I want when I want it. You can say Im spoiled.

3 thoughts on “i wish

  1. smileyfacelyssa says:

    Nikia, you should never say that about people. Yeah, sometimes you may not get along, but that’s an evil thing to say about her, and her boyfriend. And her boyfriend’s family. You came out of her womb, she’s the reason you’re alive. Be thankful for that. She’s just your birth mom, that doesn’t make her your mother. The woman that brought you up, the one who adopted you and raised you to be the beautiful person you are today, that is your mother. The one that’s with you right now. But if you don’t like your birth mother, then disregard her. Pretend she doesn’t exist. But please don’t say such cruel things about her, it’s not worth it. And if it weren’t for her, you wouldn’t be in this world.

  2. zebrafish says:

    Alyssa i love youuu so much but you have no ideaaa y i feel this way and your right it is evil thing to say but still… i might regreat down the road but right now its how i feel.

  3. zebrafish says:

    thank you babygirl:) your right she did give birth to me but shes not the one that thought me right from wrong and made me who i am today

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