My friends I would die if I lost

Bri S: She has been there for me through a lot and we have the funnest times ever(: I love you babygirl

Dakota Y: Her boy. I just met this kid this school year and he is pretty chill. He has helped me through my relationships and Im so thinkful for that.

Ashley S: Girl we have the funnest times ever in bio and we get mad at eachother but we work through it and Im glad we dont let things come between us(:

James H.: Bro your like my brother. I have known you since I moved to Arizona(: So 10 years going on 11 of knowing you. We have our amazing times until you moved to England on me.:/ but Ill see you soon bro

Spyros aka Jay: DUDE i love you to death. Like you have know idea. You make sure I stay out of trouble and dont go down the same road you have been down. You make sure I dont look like a slut and Im glad you do that.

Brandon: ahah for sure this kid right here:) we just started talking this year but o well. He will always be here for me know matter what happens. Your really outgoing and fun to be around. Dont ever change:)


About Kia(:

I get what I want when I want it. You can say Im spoiled.

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