1. Name the most terrifying moment of your life so far.
my older brother dying

2. If you wanted to look very sexy, how would you dress?
you tell me

3. What famous person do other people tell you that you most resemble?
Avril Lavinge

4. What is the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?

5. If you could bring one character to life from your favorite book, who would it be?

6. Do you believe honesty is the best policy?

7. What vegetable do you most resemble?
like i know

8. What dead person would you least want to be haunted by?
I have no idea

9. Who would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with? Least like?
My friends(:

10. What do you think Victoria’s secret is?
a place to buy things at ahah

11. Which cartoon character do you resemble the most?
you tell me

12. Would you rather go a week without bathing, but be able to change your
clothes, or a week without a change of clothes, but be able to bathe?

ummmma week with out changing clothes i need to bathe every day..

13. Which of the four seasons do you most anticipate?
not sure

14. You can choose your method of dying and the place in which you will die. Where would you like to die and how?
i would like to die in the arms of the guy i love and i would want to die from natural causes and be able to say my last words to him(:

15. You can choose your last meal. What will the menu consist of?
Ribs and fried chicken and mashed potatoes(:

16. If you had to be trapped in a TV show for a month, which show would you
16 and pergo

17. List 5 people you know. Then describe each of them.
James: A guy that likes to have fun.  Nick: Some one that can make me laugh when im down.   Brandon: Someone that is easy to talk to and likes rap music. Ashley: This girl right here is amazing to be around. Bri S: This girl is so fun to around and we both do stuff that we can do together and get crazy.

18. You can select one person from history and ask them a question to which
they must give a thruthful reply. Whom would you select, and what question would you ask?
to be honest i have no idea

19. If you joined the circus, what act would you most want to perform?

20. You discover that your wonderful one-year-old child is, because of a mix-up at the hospital, not yours. Would you want to exchange the child to correct the mistake?

21. Would you be willing to become extremely ugly physically if it meant you would live for 1,000 years at any physical age you chose?
hahahaha no

22. Would you be willing to commit perjury in court for a close friend? What if your lie would save his life?
i have no idea

23. Would you be willing to eat a bowl of live crickets for $40,000?

24. Would you be willing to give up sex for five years if you could have wonderfully sensual and erotic dreams whenever you wished?
i have no idea

25. Would you be willing to give up sex for one year if you knew it would give you a much deeper sense of peace than you have now?
idk lol.


About Kia(:

I get what I want when I want it. You can say Im spoiled.

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