Bri Ward(:

You get your own post. Bri you have helpped me through so much and you always give me the best adivce ever(: You have changed me a lot even you think you might not have but you have. I dont cuss as much but I still cuss a lot. You make me look at myself differntly(in a good way) You make me see what you see inside of me. A person that is out there but dresses not like I normally would at times. Yea your right my shorts are way to short at times but that I cant change. I love wearing short shorts but I can change on how short most of them are. Thats something Ill try to work on. You got me to go to church more often than I noramlly go. I know I dont go that much anymore well I hardly ever go now because I cant find rides to take me to youth gruops or my mom gets to lazy and doesnt want to take me on sundays. I wish she did. I love going to church(: Bri I love you. If I lost you I would die like you have know idea what you mean to me. (: Love Nikia(:


About Kia(:

I get what I want when I want it. You can say Im spoiled.

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