People need to leave my relationship alone.

Hunny if he isnt with you he doesnt want to be and he doesnt like you. So lets be mature and not call me a skank when I asked you NICELY to stop texting him. But your retarded and you do not comperhand that at all.

so if i have to show you wats up with me i will and it wont be pretty. 🙂 so i wish her luck to get him back becuz hunny its not working and im not good for him pleasee i am good for him so suck my dick pathic little piace of shit. O yea at least I dont try and kill myself like you do:) so get a fucking life and grow the fuck up and leave my BOYFRIEND alone:) LOVE NIKIA:) ❤


About Kia(:

I get what I want when I want it. You can say Im spoiled.

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