My summer(:

So my summer is going to be amazing:) Swimming parties and might get a job and my mom is going to new york so my brother and I have the house to ourselves for a couple of hours while my dad is at work:) Hell yea I think Im going to have a good time(: O yea any my 17th bday in June:) HELL YES(: I hope I get to spend time with the boyfriend over summer also(:


About Kia(:

I get what I want when I want it. You can say Im spoiled.

8 thoughts on “My summer(:

  1. cashflow25 says:

    lol my sumers so busy but im still gonna try to make time for us baby (:

  2. kinkykia says:

    its summer not sumer lol
    but u better 🙂 aha

  3. cashflow25 says:

    lol ill do my best lol n sorry im tired lol my spellings horrible

  4. kinkykia says:

    spelling not spellings unless your trying to say my spelling is that’s how you say it. Im not tired at all. I am really hyper. 🙂

  5. cashflow25 says:

    lol im tired lol but dats obvious lol

  6. kinkykia says:

    It is very obvious

  7. cashflow25 says:

    lol yeah watch imma be asleep during the next 2 classes lol

  8. kinkykia says:

    no your doing work

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