Okay kwel i guess. im lossing you faster then i got you. isnt this just wonderful feeling to feel. not even close:'(


About Kia(:

I get what I want when I want it. You can say Im spoiled.

8 thoughts on “mhm

  1. cashflow25 says:

    r u talking bout cuz if u r ur not losing me idk y u wuld think that

  2. kinkykia says:

    i have no idea who this is about anymore to behonest.. im just tired of peoples bullshit with me. saying one thing then totlay saying somethine else to someone. idkay

  3. cashflow25 says:

    look i told you that i love you and i wasnt lying if ur talking bout my last post its about my friend ive known since well only god knows i said i love you i wasnt lying about that

  4. kinkykia says:

    yea i know you said i love you to me and i love you to brandon
    i think its the fact im scared

  5. cashflow25 says:

    nikia y u scared talk to me txt me im here for you

  6. kinkykia says:

    i cant text right now my mom is in the room.

  7. cashflow25 says:

    well wen u can txt me whats bothering you plz

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