thanks for making me feel like shit MARSHELL

oh and your cool too, what the fuck have i done to wave, nothing your just the same as her stay the fuck away from me.

what did i do to you? i was takin up for her cuz of jalens stupid ass .

yeah you go and like the comment about beating me up, cool story bro.

i didnt say that.

thank you, after all ive tried to help you with, for showing your true colors, glad i know who you really are now.

marshell stop i was pissed off with everyone. thats not really me and you know that just as much as everyone else knows that. you can hate becuz i was sticking up for waverly then do it but dont take this shit out on me.

by all means stick up for the girl who told people to beat me up your a great friend .

dude i was pissed i have no idea what to do right now. im pissed off beyound belif. im sorry for all of this shit. you can forgive me or not. but thats up to you not me..

i forgive but i dont forget, you chose a side, i chose mine, we’re cool, but your not the same to me anymore.

How am I not the same?.

you backed the girl who started the drama not the guy who was trying to end it, your not the same because even though i tried to help you, tonight you escalated the drama not endedit.

its hard when i have known you guys for the same amout of time. i didnt take anyones side but what jalen was saying was fucked up and you know it was fucked up and what he said about me was fucked up.

BUT I WAS TRYING TO STOP IT!!!!!!! i told him to back off and what you kept it going.

I shouldnt have said anything but it was pissing me off that he was saying that shit. and if he wants me to say sorry to his face i will and ill say it to your face also. .

im sorry but its to late, your no better then her, 1 chance is all you get in life to make an impression on a person, i gave you that one chance, i tried to be the better person, told jalen to stop being a douche when we were chilling and now, but i guess it wasnt enough for you.

marshall im trying to fix things between us .

a cracked vase can be broken, a shattered one can notnot broken fixed .

how did i shatter it? im so confused now. im trying to fix everything between me and you not me you and jalen. just between us. I said im sorry but now you have to be the bigger person and say its fine and maybe we can try to be friends again .

the bigger person hahahaha funny the bigger person would have never even said anything in the first place, i tried to be your friend and you spat in my face, its done, no going back, IM sorry but that door has been shut .

okay whatever bye.


About Kia(:

I get what I want when I want it. You can say Im spoiled.

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