bored in 3rd

* Who would you date in your school besides your boyfriend? I’m single but I like someone but he doesn’t go to my school.
* Amongst all the people in your school, which guy would you like to date? Theres a few
* Who was your first crush? Caleb Clark
* Would you ever cheat on your boyfriend? nopee
* When and with whom was your first kiss? Zack M. Kenndy the summer before freshman year.
* What is the strangest dream you’ve ever had? O god I have to many
* If you were marooned on an island with just one person, who would you want it to be? JACKIE A GARCELL
* What is the question that you do not want anyone to ask you in this game? Why are you a virgin
* What is the meanest thing that you have done in your life? o god everyone that knows me knows!!(:
* If you had a chance to make anyone in this room your slave, who would that be? Why?o someone!
* If you woke up one day and found that you have become invisible, what is the first thing that you would do? Why? i would go freak my mom out!!!(: pay back is a bitch!
* If you were a guy which girl in the room would you date? none
* If you are born again would you choose to be a boy? Yes!
* Describe the sexiest clothes you wore and to impress whom?My white shorts and my bra thats like a corset! ahahah
* What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done and what was the result? o god
* How many times have you ever gone skinny dipping? none
* What is that one thing in a guy that makes you go weak in the knees? eyes!
* What’s the one thing that you do not like about being a girl? fucking periods
* If you had only a day to live, what would you do, what movie star would you want to kiss, and who would you want to spend your time with?Good questions i have no idea
* What was the most embarrassing thing that happened to you at a grocery store?I was drunk and i was rolling around on the ground so you tell me
* What was the craziest thing that happened to you at a mall? was stalked by a creepy old guy
* If someone made a movie about your life, what would be the most appropriate title? Who would you want to play your role? Kia!(:<3 and ME
* Who is one such person that you find beautiful on the inside and out? Jackie A. Garcell
* If you could date anyone in the world, who would it be? No one right now!
* What is the most daring and crazy thing that you have done in front of a large crowd? O god not going there at all
* What is the one thing you have done and which you never ever want to be caught doing again? not saying
* What turns you on physically and whats your biggest turn off? turn on: Nice body turn off: flirts with every girl other then you


About Kia(:

I get what I want when I want it. You can say Im spoiled.

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