I love my best friend

Theres this girl named Jackie Alexsis Garcell. I have known her for almost two months now and we have had our amazing times and time we saw each other cry and go down into depression. But when we see each other everything changes and we something stupid to bring each other up. Jackie is so pretty and has an amazing personality. When I first met her I was this shy little girl that wasn’t always out there and crazy. But she changed that and we jammed out to music dancing in her car even though people give us the craziest and funniest looks ever. We agree on almost everything but there are that times when we disagree but we get pass that. We have our inside jokes and stuff only me and her can do!! We lick windows at Subway:D We can read each others mind right when we see each other. She can tell if somethings wrong even if I try not to show it. She asks me right way right when I get in the car or when she calls or even texts me. We spend every second of the day together and every weekend together no matter what happens. Even if she has to work we are still trying to text each other even though she’s not suppose to be. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, you can say she’s my best friend and no one can change that. ;P


About Kia(:

I get what I want when I want it. You can say Im spoiled.

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