grr girls in my 3rd and 4th period

So there are these two girls in my 3rd and 4th hour that are so loud and wont let anyone else concentrate or let us do our work. If they have the center of attention there happy as can be but right when the teacher looks away from them they get all pissy about it. The teacher as more then two people to worry about they have 30+ kids to worry about. asdlkfjdl;kdjfsdljkds i hate girls!(:


About Kia(:

I get what I want when I want it. You can say Im spoiled.

6 thoughts on “grr girls in my 3rd and 4th period

  1. smileyfacelyssa says:

    LOL Waverly and Kylee?

  2. kinkykia says:

    ahah yepp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there fucking annoying!

  3. smileyfacelyssa says:

    Godddd they are haha.
    I mean, they’re okay as people I guess, I don’t really know them.
    And I heard Kylee’s not as bad when Waverly’s not around.
    But together, they’re just annoying and always try to be the center of attention!
    Waverly is okay sometimes too. When she’s not overly loud. :b

  4. kinkykia says:

    When Kylee is by herself shes so quite!
    Waverly is just loud all the time
    there are times you can be loud but when we are trying to learn and focus it is not the time for that at all!

  5. smileyfacelyssa says:

    Yeah exactly!
    I mean, I have nothing against Waverly other than the fact that she NEVER SHUTS UP DURING CLASS. hahaha.
    Other than that, she’s pretty chill I guess.

  6. kinkykia says:

    thats the only thing i dont like about her is she is loud during class!!! When she isnt loud its so nice in here!(: I love it!!(:<3

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