I’m not going to lie I love being single but there are those moments to where I want to have someone to call me baby babe babygirl all of those cute names. I also want good morning phone calls and texts! But since I’m single thats not going to happen. It will sooner or later! But for now I just need to be single and get my crap together and not be so stressed. When I’m stressed I take it out on my partner and its not fair to them at all. So until I get this all straightened out I’ll think about dating again. But don’t give me shit about it when you like me and I did like you at the time. BUT you turned into a dick and I don’t like it. You cuss me out and talk mad crap about my best friend and me. You don’t do that. When I take up for us its a crime all of a sudden. Dude shut up you don’t know who you messing with and sure don’t get all pissy when I’m not starting drama like you are. I hate drama so get up out of here! O yea by the way middle school called and they want you and your immature drama back bro!(:<3


About Kia(:

I get what I want when I want it. You can say Im spoiled.

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