Well on Thursday it was raining like crazy in Rita so my friends and I where like lets go play in it at the park. Okay! I forgot how easily I get sick. So we got done playing in it and we get into our friends truck and he has the AC on. So I have been feeling like crap ever since then
Friday- saw my best friend perform at her school! Hungout with Collin, Develn,Champ, Matt, Derek, Issac, Sean,Brandon, Bri Tilly, and some other people. Good job Jackie and stayed the night at her house.
Saturday- Slept most of the day at Jackies. But we watched movies and made key chains saw her boyfriend and painted her wall!!! ahahah
Sunday: well lets see here I walked in to the door got yelled at because I didnt call and tell my dad where I was. Then I started crying because he never yells at me. Then my mom, brother and I all went swimming even though I shouldnt be swimming with a fever. Now Im doing homework and texting the boyfriend!(: So today started out bad then so far has been good(: Now I want KFC.!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAH
Oh yea Im getting forced to go to school tomorrow:/


About Kia(:

I get what I want when I want it. You can say Im spoiled.

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