Where I come from poem 1st copy

1st drift
Where I come from

I come from camping with friends
Playing games around the fire
Dancing on the tables
I come from making hot dogs with the fire
It rains
Where do we go?
We all get up and run into the girls tent
I come from meeting my stepsister
Baby sister
I come from where my stepsister is taller then me
But yet younger
Step brother almost my height but yet
5 years younger then me
I come from where my baby sister
Is always needy
I come from a family that loves
I come from the memories of my older brother Ryan
He was 14 when he passed
I was 12
I came from where my Ryan was loud
Always took things apart
I come from having a brother
With a lot of mental problems
I come from a humid state
Where all you see is tress and grass
I come from a big opened filed to run around in
Where all you could do as a little kid was a climb tree
I come from a place where I was abused
I come from being in foster care for 1 year
Where I cried myself to sleep every night
I come from my grandma and grandpa
Saving Angel and I
From our foster care mother
I come from not the best life
But now I have the best life
I could ask for
I come from being adopted at the age of 12
I come from an abusive family to
A loving and caring family
To where I can get away with everything
Where I come from will always
Be with me
All the negatives and all the positives
I come from a place I will never go back
I come from a state where there is always
Hurricanes, Tornadoes
I come from a poor family
To a family that has a lot of money
I come from a family that thinks there better
Then everyone else
Even though they don’t get what they want
I come from a place
Where my family likes drama
I come from a hard life.


About Kia(:

I get what I want when I want it. You can say Im spoiled.

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