ryuip 9yrwqaqbjij i am going to kill ocktober…

ryuip[9yrwqaqbjij i am going to kill ocktober…….fvhyhkjhkjhjkhef


About sociallyawkwardmess

Hello faithful readers, this is your obviously anonymous, brilliant, writer speaking on behalf of the people of Blogs/America. We hold these truths to be self evident, that all brunettes and blonds are created equal, and that are endowed by their creators (me, because I am "whore" and I have children with every male in existence.) with certain emotional rights, that among these are intelligence, the acceptance of spelling errors, and equality. That to secure these rights blonds must band together and create blogs to petition our intelligence, that any form of government (besides mine) become destructive of these ends than it is my right to abolish it and institute my dictatorship laying my foundations, on wealth, nonsense, ramblings, stupidity, blogging, and late night drugs. These truths are in fact self-evident. Sincerely, Me, your talented young writer.

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