One month <3

It has been one month with the best boyfriend in the world. This boy is amazing in every way possible. When I’m down he is there to make me smile, and laugh. When I don’t want to talk he still asks me if I’m okay. When he sees me crying it kills him inside, which I think, is kinda cute. It shows me that he truly does care if I’m up set or not. When we talk on the phone and I’m not talking first thing he says why are you so quite and not talking. Me I don’t know just tired or I’m not feeling well. Then, he says I’m cute and here we go again arguing if I’m cute or not. Going back and forth saying yes you are, no I’m not. I love when we have those kinds of arguments and I hope those are all we have. What I love about him the most is when he holds me in his arms. I feel so safe when he does when his arms are around me. When I go to his house we cuddle and watch movies, which is so nice. We both fall asleep and get woken up from his dad knocking on his door. Even though the door is unlocked. The cutest thing he did is when I walked away he pulled me back and kissed me<33 Now if only that happened in the rain. Yep, he’s just so freakn cute (:


About Kia(:

I get what I want when I want it. You can say Im spoiled.

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