(: <333

What to say about my relationship right now. It’s going pretty well so far and I hope it stays like this. Even though I can’t go to his house for the next 2 weeks he’s comes over to see me before goes to work and when he gets off. Which is really nice for me just because I love seeing him. We talk every night on the phone and say the craziest things. The longest we have been on the phone for was 14 hours. Even though I was in school and he was asleep we didn’t hang up. When he woke up and saw we still were on the phone he was happy. So, he says. Oh yea I gave him his two gifts and he said I was amazing. I just cant wait until September 12, 2012 that’s they day he gets off of house arrest and he can do whatever he wants. It’ll be nice because then we can go out and it just be us for that time. We don’t have to worry about his PO and SO showing up when I’m there. That’s the thing I hate the most having to worry if they show up when I’m over. I wish he wasn’t on house arrest but then again if you think about it we probably wouldn’t have seen each other ever again if he wasn’t. You can say I love him you can say I’m stupid and falling to fast. But he is honestly my life. So my boyfriend just made my day. He told me that he loves everything about me, my smile, my laugh, how I buy him things when he tells me not too, how I want to spend time with him and no one else, how we always have fun when we are with each other and there is soooo much more that he texted me.


About Kia(:

I get what I want when I want it. You can say Im spoiled.

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