Today was good even though I had to get up at 330 this morning but its whatever. The kid I was babysitting was really good surprisingly. When his baby sister was born his grandma came and got us and took us to the hospital so we could see her. She was soo cute. They let me hold her which was really nice. I never wanted to give her back to her dad. But Ill have my own one day and I can’t wait. Well time to go do some more homework ohh joyness!


What to say

Well I have no idea what to say right now. Im upset and it feels like I have to cry but nothing will come out. Just awesome. Well i got yelled at yesterday by my mom, dad, stepmom, uncle and boyfriend. Just my luck right. I started crying and it didnt help me much when my own boyfriend was rude to me yesterday. But whatever I guess. Ill get over it sooner or later. Im still hurt………………………

Holy Crap

I make a statues on Facebook and now theres all this drama. Im like wow people can make drama just out of anything they want. My statues says “that moment when your boyfriend gets excited about having neon lights in his car” simple and no there has to be drama on it. GAH why? its so unnecessary. if you didn’t like it doesn’t mean you can call my boyfriend a fag. Yea, i took up for him but then my friend Rj got involved and was taking up for him also but now its all blown up and crap. GAH.


What to day about my boyfriend he’s amazing in every way possible. I couldn’t ask for any better. When I want something he makes sure I get it some how. Yea it blows I hardly ever see him because he works nights and he sleeps when Im awake. But that besides the point he still tries to see me as much as possible which I love! I don’t think he likes that fact half my ex’s are my best friends. But he says he trusts me so I mean thats a good thing. Because I don’t cheat. Its 100% stupid. If your going to cheat stay single so you can do whatever you want. The only thing I hate that he has to go through is that I have trust issues and I know he wont cheat but its the fact that I have been hurt some many times and cheating is one of them. But he’s dealing with it pretty well so far which is really nice for me.

Dang Haven’t Been On Here In Forever

What to say nothing has really changed just been paying attention more in school and Im going to Pantano next year which Im really happy about! Im out of Empire finally. I love my friends here but Im just with all the immature people that go here and think that there better then all of us when there not. Yea, I know I have had immature moment but Im not that bad. Im happy that my mom said yes I can go even though she doesn’t like it at all. But I mean as long as I get out of high school is all that matters to me.