well i tried dating someone new and I just couldnt do it! im still so much in love with mikey its crazy. Everytime i see him or hear his name I start crying. I cant wait to be with him once again.


Haven’t been on here in FOREVER

Well I have been doing good had all A’s last quarter:) Mikey and I broke up once again due to someone telling his PO that we where together and if we didnt break up he would have gone to jail for breaking probation and for being with a minor shit sucks. But all my friends have been keeping my mind off of it which helps me so much. Thank you guys so much!!!(: I have been meeting new people and now I have a new boyfriend thats in the Army:) hell yea son!!(: lmao but thats besides the point I had an amazing TIME in Vegas:) Was in the sun for 14 hours sunburned so bad but so worth it:) I cant wait to go back next year:)