~*The Past*~
When was your first boyfriend/girlfriend?-6th grade
Who was it?-Caleb clark
Who gave you your first kiss?- Zack M Kenndy
Have you ever fallen in love? yep.
If so, with who?- Zack M Kenndy
Have you ever broken anyone’s heart?- Yep.
Do you get along with any ex-boyfriends/girlfriends?- almost all but one
Do you have feelings for any ex-boyfriends/girlfriend at this current time?- Yes:/
Do they know how you feel?- I guess
Have you ever had any?- depends what you mean
Is it still going on to this day?- kinda
How long was your longest relationship?- 6 months
How short was your shortest relationship?- 2 days
Has anyone told you they wanted to marry you?- yep
Have you ever cried over a guy?- yeah :/
If so, why? why not? long story
Who was the last person you went on a date with?-Brendon

~*The Present*~
Are you currently single or taken?- Single
If you are taken, by who? no one
If you are taken, are you in love? no
If you are single, do you want to find love? naw shit
What are three things you look for in a relationship that are important? Honesty, loyaltiy, and chemistry
If you still have feelings for any exes, would you try and get them back? nope
What attracts you to the opposite sex? eyes and smile and personality
What is more important? Looks or Personality? personality
Which would you prefer? True Love or $10 Billion? true love
If your boyfriend/girlfriend cheated on you, would you take them back? Been there done that never again
Are you currently having any Friends with Benefits going on with any exes? nah
Do you still love any of your exes? yes

~*Other Questions*~
If you are single, do you like someone? HELL YES
If so, who? not saying
What are three things that is attractive about them? Eyes, how nice they are and smile o yea and there tattoos
If you could go on a date with anyone, who would it be?
Why? Ryan
If you are single and saw an ex out with another girl, what would you do? nothing be happy for them
Do your parents have a big say as to who you date? nope
Do your friends have a say as to who you date? kinda.. if they dont respect them then we will ahve problems
~*Ending Questions*~
If your ex said they don’t want to be with you, what would you say?cool story bro
Do you dislike anyone close to your exes or crushes? Why? nope
If there was one thing you could say to the one you love, what would it be? What happened to our relationship and I miss you/ .


Thank you for an amazing day(: When i was down you nocited you got me to smile and Im so happy you did:) I can’t wait to hangout with you again:) ❤ BTW YOUR HOT AF AND A GOOD KISSER;)

Pink furry hangcuffs next time ahahahahahahh