1st full day of summer

So for my 1st day of summer so far. I stayed home and cleaned the house and watched my brother while my mom went to work. Texted the boyfriend all day so far(: I miss himmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm:/


yesterday and today

so yesterday was freakn amazing:) Might chill with sir lee Jordan Greg Isiah ectt. today again:) ahah i can never be mad or sad around them they always make something up or do something really stupid to make me laugh I HOPE RYRY HANGS OUT TODAY.
But anyways today is the last day of school and im kinda sad about it but really happy. Im gonna miss all my friends and my boyfriend. I hope i get to see him over summer.I know most of my friends ima see over summer but i have no idea about him :/


I have the worst head ach ever:/ I feel light headed everything is blurry and spinning it also feels like i have to throw up but cant:/ This sucks. Now I know why I don’t have those anymore:/ grr no more for me for awhile:P </strongh

Half day

So Im getting piked up from school from a friend and we are going to Gas City to get some things to drink then off to purple heart park to chill until like 320ish(: Yea today should be fun:)