Yea buddy

So I can’t wait to next week! Im leaving to Vegas! So happy to get out of Arizona. I need a break from everything and everyone!


I’m sorry

I honestly feel like crap. I miss you more than anything. But we can’t be together until I’m 18 and I wish I could be with you now. Your the only guy I think about 24/7 no one can take your spot from me. Your the 1st guy I feel in love with and I gave you my heart. I mean we will be together forever and Im not letting you just walk out of my life that easily. Your so sweet and amazing every way possible. Your hot af and you have such an awesome personality. This is why I cant wait until Im 18 so we can be together and make it official again. Baby I miss you like crazy and i love so much.¬†


Well my mom and I have been fighting a lot lately and its driving me crazy but oh well..I cant wait to go to las vegas with my uncle to 5FDP and monster jam! Pretty stocked